CFA Archaeology Ltd has a commitment to promoting the understanding of, access to and participation in the historic environment and seeks to ensure that, where possible, appropriate projects address these aims through programmes of education, interpretation, outreach and community involvement.

CFA Archaeology actively provides outreach opportunities, where possible, that include public participation and training days, guided tours, public talks, exhibitions, interpretation panels, posters, leaflets, collaborative web sites and publications.

Aims and principles

  • To maximise the dissemination of historical information to a wide audience.
  • To enhance a sense of place and identity, increasing the value that communities place on their local environment and the sense of pride and ownership in the place where they live.
  • Enable the public to better understand and value the historic environment so as to facilitate its long-term future.
  • Engage people directly in caring for the historic environment in a sustainable way.
  • Engage with and meet the needs of both internal and external groups.
  • Explore opportunities to provide Community Gain in return for planning consent for the development of sites.
  • Teach new skills which can be sustained beyond the life of the project.

Key to the long-term success of any project containing an outreach element is its sustainability. Our key priorities are:

  • Ensure participants are equipped with the skills to continue involvement after the project is over.
  • The production of material for long-term use. Eg: manuals, websites, displays etc
  • Pointing groups/individuals towards further funding sources to continue work
  • Enable the sharing of skills – enabling groups set up networks to act as mentors for other groups who wish to carry out similar work.

For further information on Education & Outreach contact:

Melanie Johnson:


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