CFA Archaeology is one of the leading providers in the UK of cultural heritage services to the renewables sector.

“CFA has an excellent track record of handling Cultural Heritage Studies for Environmental Impact Assessment and preparing mitigation reports for Public Inquiry. We have confidence in their consultancy and their reports are well written and very professional in both layout and content.” Wind Prospect Developments Ltd

We can help you assess the effects of your proposals on cultural heritage assets and contribute to you securing the permissions you need to undertake development. Acting on your behalf we can carry out a thorough impact assessment, conduct effective consultation with stakeholders, help you design your development to avoid cultural heritage impacts, and devise cost-effective mitigation measures for EIA. Where it is required, we can provide written statements for, or expert witness testimony at, public local inquiry.

If you have secured permission to construct your development we have the skills and resources necessary to design and deliver any mitigation works required by the relevant planning authority: site avoidance procedures, archaeological survey and excavation, and watching briefs.

We provide our expertise to many of the major renewables companies operating in the UK. Our portfolio of over 100 renewables projects successfully completed relate to wind farms (from single turbine FIT scheme developments to  major onshore developments of over 300MW), solar farms, hydro schemes, biomass schemes and carbon capture schemes.

For more details of our consultancy services, please contact our
Senior Consultant, George Mudie:
Phone: 0131 273 4380

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