CFA provides expert GIS solutions for the ever-growing number of projects requiring the manipulation, analysis and management of spatial data.

We are able to deliver a wide range of services in the area of mapping and geographic analysis, offering a powerful tool to assist with the visualisation, assessment and presentation of multiple data sets. We offer services for the complete data lifecycle, including data capture, collection and creation, management and analysis and finally interpretation and presentation.

Using GIS (ESRI and MapInfo) and AutoCAD we are able to create, manipulate and analyse technical data and share information with ease across a multitude of platforms and in a variety of formats. Capabilities include: data capture (GNSS) and compilation of datasets; data entry and manipulation; editing; georeferencing of data and imaging; database creation and integration with spatial datasets for geographic analysis; a variety of spatial operations (querying data, buffering overlay, data aggregation); creation of thematic maps; and the conversion and integration of a broad range of data and image formats.

For more information please contact Dr Shelly Werner.

Phone: 0131 273 4380

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