Blairgowrie Tennis Club

New Tennis Club, John Johnston Coupar Recreation Park, Blairgowrie
Archaeological Evaluation

CFA Archaeology Ltd carried out an archaeological evaluation by way of trial trenching at the proposed development site. In total 4 trenches amounting to 202m2 were excavated which accounted for 6.8% of the total area.

Three archaeological features were discovered and consisted of the remains of two parallel linear ditch features 22m apart and orientated NE-SW. These are interpreted as post-medieval boundary ditches due to the inclusion of modern ceramic at the base of the fills. A single small pit was uncovered adjacent to one of the ditches and is interpreted as a stone hole.

No other archaeological features were identified.

Funding Body: Blairgowrie Tennis Club
NO 186 443

SIGNIFICANT FINDS: Prehistoric pottery/ lithics/ saddle quern

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