Lochailort Metal-detecting survey

In 2011 CFA were commissioned by Marine Harvest (Scotland) Ltd to undertake a metal detector survey of land to the east of the Inn at Lochailort (NM 767 817). The area was previously used as a military training camp during World War II.

The largest single group of objects recovered were empty bullet casings of 20th-century date from the use of the area of as a military camp. The firearms-related material was examined by Jonathan Ferguson (Royal Armouries) and found to include largely rifle and pistol ammunition. The assemblage was not concentrated in any meaningful pattern which might indicate the position of a formal rifle range. A full report is available in the archive.

It is likely that many other finds are related to the military use of the site, including those relating to machinery (e.g. washers, wheel spokes), whilst others may relate to agricultural use (such as horseshoes). A few domestic objects such as light fittings, door knobs and latches were also present and could be related to the camp.

Only a few items were definitely earlier than the military camp: a possible medieval lead weight or gaming piece, a fragment of a Victorian silver brooch, a pistol side-plate of mid 18th-century date, and a lead musket ball assigned to the late 18th/mid 19th-century.

Funding Body: Marine Harvest (Scotland) Ltd
NO 3208 5025

SIGNIFICANT FINDS: Bullet Assemblage

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