Flower Garden Project at Newhailes House

CFA Archaeology Ltd are delighted to be assisting the National Trust for Scotland with their Flower Garden Project at Newhailes House, in Musselburgh, the home of the Dalrymple family since 1709. Newhailes’ formal flower garden fell into neglect during World War Two, due to staff shortages, and after the war the family could no longer afford to employ a gardener and the flower garden was abandoned. The project aims to restore the garden and is part of a wider programme of improvements planned at Newhailes.


The excavations are uncovering the layout of the flower garden, which survive remarkably well just beneath the topsoil; paths and flower beds are clearly visible and conform to the layout of the garden as known in the Victorian era, and the excavation’s results will help the NTS plan how to reinstate the garden. There is a wealth of photographic and documentray evidence to back up the archaeological findings, and the excavations, supervised by CFA, are supported by a wide range of enthusiastic volunteers coming to enjoy the garden and learn about archaeology.


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