Jhone Angus – Design & Typesetting

Jhone Angus – Monk of Dunfermline & Scottish Reformation Music

Published by Dunfermline Heritage Community Projects (DHCP). Designed and typeset by Kevin Hicks at CFA. Production Management by Lawrie Law. Manufactured by Gutenberg Press

In celebration of the 450th Anniversary of the Reformation in Scotland, this book features the music of the former Dunfermline monk and composer Jhone Angus. The sixteenth century was a time of turbulent religious movements which changed lives throughout Europe, and especially in Scotland. The replacement of Roman Catholicism by Protestantism in1560 brought fundamental changes to ecclesiastical music. Angus wrote simple but beautiful music for the new religion of the Reformed Kirk which has been preserved in the illustrated part- books of the ‘Wode Psalter’.


Jamie Reid-Baxter tells the story of church music before and after the Reformation, and how the music of Angus and his fellow composers was preserved in the part-books of Angus’s friend and ex-monk, Thomas Wode. The ‘Wode Psalter’, prepared in St Andrews, is illustrated by delightful designs and contains the canticles set to music by Angus which are featured in the accompanying compact disc.


Dr Jamie Reid-Baxter, Fellow of Glasgow University, musician, poet, historian and linguist, who specialises in the culture, politics and religion of sixteenth–century Scotland.

Professor Michael Lynch, formerly Sir William Fraser Professor of History at the University of Edinburgh, who specialises in the religion and politics of sixteenth–century Scotland.

Dr E. Patricia Dennison, historian and editor of many titles in Historic Scotland’s Burgh Survey series, focuses on the effects of the Reformation in Dunfermline in the time of Jhone Angus.

Funding Body – Dunfermline Heritage Community Projects

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