Assembly Rooms, 54 George Street

The Grade A Listed Assembly Rooms were designed and constructed between 1783 and 1787. The building had undergone several major alterations in the past including large-scale alterations made during the early 19th and early 20th centuries. Recent refurbishment works removed a number of the intrusive interior alterations dating to the latter periods of alteration.

A standing building survey was carried out prior to refurbishment of the building and further survey and watching briefs were undertaken during refurbishment. The findings included a series of stone-built drainage culverts which were recorded on the ground floor in the East and West Lanes running between George Street and Rose Street, and a culvert  recorded in the interior of the Edinburgh Suite.


The bulk of the refurbishment work was confined to the Music Hall on the first floor. The Music Hall stage was recorded as it was dismantled and found to comprise four massive wooden trusses with various iron braces and tie plates. Below the stage the arched trusses of an alcove in the Edinburgh Suite were also recorded. The Music Hall floor was replaced allowing an insight into its construction techniques. Much of the steel work dated to the 1920s refurbishment that saw large steel girders fixed to the existing floor timbers to lend support to them. The structural steelwork below the Lower Gallery was exposed and recorded. During the insertion of a new door through the Music Hall kitchen wall, a blocked window was revealed. This window had formerly faced out onto Rose Street and was part of the original construction.

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