The Mystery of Walter Mierzwa

CFA Archaeology discovered a dog tag during a metal detector survey in advance of the construction of Weston Longville Windfarm.

The find was made on the former Weston Longville Airfield in Norfolk, which during World War II was known as RAF Attlebridge and was home to the 319th & 466th Bombardment Groups. The airfield was an early wartime station laid out as a grass airfield before being completed as a concrete facility in 1942, although various alterations and extensions were made throughout the war. The airfield was initially home to the RAF before being assigned to the USAAF Eight Air Force 2nd Bomb Wing in September 1942. A number of the airfield’s buildings remain in various states of repair including three concrete runways, the control tower, air raid shelters, Nissen huts and office buildings. The site is listed in the National Monument Record (NMR: TG 11 NW 39).

Dog_tag_website ‘WALTER MIERZWA

31103589 T-43′

It is now known that Walter was born in New York in 1912 and that he was resident in Hartford, Connecticut, at the time of his enlistment in 1942. Interestingly, the T on his dog tag indicates that he has been immunised against Typhus and the C denotes his religion as Catholic.

So if you are an expert in researching family history , or  if you know the service history of the station during the war, then get in touch. It would be great to bring this memento of Walter’s time in Norfolk and his surviving loved ones back together.

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